Does Uninstalling Valorant Uninstall Vanguard?

You could need to turn off Vanguard in order to use a certain application, or you might have made the decision to lay down your arms and bow out of VALORANT. It’s crucial to understand how to disable Vanguard as well as delete it since Riot Vanguard cannot be removed by uninstalling VALORANT. Would you want to know more about Vanguard?

Similarly, Why can I not uninstall Vanguard?

You should be able to resolve the issue by uninstalling Vanguard in Safe Mode if the software driver component of Vanguard stops you from fully eliminating the anti-cheat program. This prevents third-party drivers from loading when your computer starts in Safe Mode.

Also, it is asked, How do I uninstall and reinstall VALORANT Vanguard?

Reinstall Vanguard after removing it After entirely leaving VALORANT, go to Settings on your computer. You may want to confirm that Vanguard is closed as well. Activate the Apps menu. Click Uninstall after locating Riot Vanguard. Simply start the VALORANT client once the application has been uninstalled, and Vanguard should be prompted to reinstall.

Secondly, Does riot Vanguard install with VALORANT?

Installation problems with Vanguard Valorous Riot Games use the Vanguard anti-cheat technology in its games. You won’t be able to play Valorant if you don’t have this system. The game may not register Vanguard even if the files are on your machine.

Also, How many GB is Valorant?

The League of Legends and other Riot games share the same launcher. The whole Valorant game, which weighs between 16GB and 20GB, may be downloaded via the launcher once it has been downloaded and installed. Therefore, your system must have at least 20GB of free storage.

People also ask, How do I install Vanguard again?

To accomplish this, hit the Windows logo key on your keyboard, enter Add or Remove Programs, and then click Add or Remove Programs when it appears as a result of your input. Find Riot Vanguard in the list of features and applications. To ask Vanguard to reinstall, start the VALORANT client.

Related Questions and Answers

What happens if I uninstall Riot Vanguard?

Taking away Vanguard This will let you to execute numerous applications that Vanguard may have identified as potentially dangerous. You must restart your computer to activate Vanguard once again.

What is Riot vanguard for?

Riot Vanguard is a piece of bespoke game security software developed by Riot Games to ensure the highest standards of fair competition for our products. Riot Vanguard uses a kernel mode driver and has a client that runs concurrently with VALORANT.

Is Valorant 3.6 GB?

How Big an Install Should a Valorant Be? Currently, gamers will want around 8 GB of free space on their PC in order to download Valorant. You must remember that Valorant is a “live service” game, which implies that it will likely get a number of significant fixes and upgrades on a regular basis.

How do I restart Vanguard Valorant?

Fix 2: Make the Vanguard service operational and modify its starting mode To enter the Run dialog box, simultaneously hit the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard. Press Enter after typing msconfig. On the Services tab, click. Track down the vgc service. To activate the service, check the box next to it. To restart, click.

How do I fix Valorant Vanguard crash?

Start the Vanguard Service again The Riot Vanguard Crashed problem could be resolved by restarting the Valorant services. This is what? You can also put VGC into the keyboard to get directly to the VGC service; just scroll down to that section. To save the changes, click the Start button now, then press Apply and OK.

Is Vanguard A spyware?

“Vanguard has a driver component called vgk. sys (similar to other anti-cheat systems), which is the reason why a reboot is necessary after installation. And no, it’s not spyware.

Do I need to download Vanguard to play Valorant?

If you install Valorant right now, Vanguard will need to be installed separately on your computer. In order to preserve a sense of competitive integrity, to use Riot’s words, Vanguard is an anti-cheat tool created to identify and stop attempts at hacking or abusing Valorant.

Can I just download Riot Vanguard?

Restarting your computer after gaining access to the beta should cause Vanguard to install itself. It is only made accessible to players whose accounts are designated for beta access to Valorant as of this writing; you cannot download it independently from anyplace else.

How many TB is Valorant?

Recently, Twitch icon xQc responded humorously to Valorant’s enormous 1TB download size on Ap. With an average of over 13 million players each month, Valorant has been one of the most popular titles in recent memory.

Is 8gb RAM enough for Valorant?

Valorant’s complete system requirements Players may update their PC hardware beyond the bare minimum requirements for enhanced CPU and GPU performance. However, 4 GB RAM (Random-access memory) is enough to run Valorant on a PC at top performance levels.

What FPS is good for Valorant?


Is Riot Vanguard safe?

“Riot Vanguard’s client and driver were created in-house, and both game safety and personal computer safety were given top consideration. We’ve fulfilled this goal by thoroughly testing the product and having both internal and external security evaluations performed by professionals in the field.”

Why is my Vanguard crashing?

Your computer’s graphics driver is probably out-of-date or damaged if Vanguard continues crashing on it. You should thus update your drivers to check if it stops the game from crashing.

Why is Vanguard not initialized?

A very frequent error code in the game Valorant is Vanguard not initialized. Vanguard (Valorant’s anti-cheat system) is stopped when your Windows or any third-party software interferes with it or conflicts with the program’s service “VGC.” If your Vanguard is not installed correctly, this issue may potentially arise.

Do I need Riot client to play Valorant?

The free-to-play tactical shooter VALORANT was created by Riot Games. You must first register a Riot account if you haven’t played League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, or Teamfight Tactics before you can try out VALORANT. One may be created here.

How do I uninstall Cod Vanguard?

Windows. To remove a game, launch the desktop application, choose the icon for the game from the list, click the drop-down arrow next to the play button, and then choose Uninstall.

Does Vanguard slow down PC?

Not quite. Vanguard doesn’t have a feature or flaw that increases the temperature of the CPU or GPU.

Is Vanguard A virus?

Vanguard malware is the only virus scanning gadget that you need to acquire. This is perhaps one of the greatest tools money can buy, and a sizable percentage of users have ranked it as being the most effective.

Why does my computer crash when I uninstall Valorant?

Most game crashes are usually caused by visuals. Your Valorant crashing problem is most likely being caused by an ineffective or out-of-date graphics driver. The most recent driver often improves compatibility with new games, so if you’re a serious player, you should constantly keep it updated.

Why is Valorant 20GB?

For a game with minimal PC requirements, Valorant does need a little amount of storage to operate efficiently. Therefore, having around 20 gigabytes of space would be sufficient for any player to play Valorant at this time. Q

How many GB is Fortnite?

Through the Epic Games App on the Samsung Galaxy Store or, you may download Fortnite for Android. Fortnite will only use 3.3 GB of storage on your smartphone after the whole downloading and installation procedure.


The “how to uninstall valorant” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, you can uninstall Valorant and it will also uninstall Vanguard.

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