How To Uninstall A Steam Game?

Start by going to your Steam library. Find a game that you like. Select it using the right-click menu. Select Manage, then Uninstall.

Similarly, How do I completely uninstall a Steam game?

To access the Steam page, first click on the installed game, then on the gear icon on the right side of the screen. Then pick Uninstall from the Manage menu (which is shaped like a gear on the right side of the Steam page).

Also, it is asked, Why can’t I uninstall a Steam game?

If the standard method of uninstalling Steam does not work, your Steam installation may have been destroyed accidently. It’s possible that you’ll have to reinstall Steam to restore the installation before it can be uninstalled.

Secondly, How do I completely uninstall a game?

Remove the app from your smartphone. On the taskbar, click the Search button, type settings, and then pick Settings. Select Apps > Apps & Features from the drop-down menu. Choose the game you wish to remove from the list on Windows 10 and then pick Uninstall twice.

Also, How do I uninstall and reinstall a game on Steam?

Step 1: To reinstall the game later, go to Steam, choose the game from your library, and double-click the game’s name. Step 2: You may alternatively pick Install by right-clicking the game’s name. Step 3: Follow the directions on the screen.

People also ask, How do I force Uninstall a program?

Take the following steps: To launch Run, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard, then click “R.” Now put “appwiz” into the search box. This should bring up the classic Windows uninstaller. Simply locate the software you want to remove, right-click on it, and choose “Uninstall.”

Related Questions and Answers

How do I return a Steam game?

What is the procedure for returning a Steam game? Log in to your Steam account and go to the support page. From the menu, choose Purchases. To return a purchase, select it and click the “Refund” button. Select the issue you’re encountering and then click I’d want a refund. From the drop-down menu, choose how you wish to receive the cash.

How do I Uninstall Steam games on Windows 10?

Using Windows, uninstall a Steam game. To do so, go to the taskbar and click the Windows Search button, then search for and open Control Panel. After that, choose Uninstall a Program. Locate and choose the game you want to delete from the list of applications on the following screen.

How do I manually Uninstall a game on my computer?

Type Control Panel into the taskbar’s search box and choose it from the results. Select Programs > Programs and Features from the drop-down menu. Select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change by pressing and holding (or right-clicking) on the software you wish to uninstall. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I reinstall a game?

Remove and reinstall the game (Android) Launch the Google Play Store application. To access the Store home menu, swipe across the screen from left to right (or hit the Menu symbol). Select My applications from the drop-down menu. Select the game from the list. Uninstall is the option to choose. Please choose Install to reinstall the software once it has been uninstalled.

Will uninstalling Steam games delete saves?

When you uninstall Steam, all of the games you’ve installed via the program, as well as their stored data and other downloadable material, will be gone. Furthermore, deleting the games would remove all of your saved games.

How do you uninstall if there is no uninstall?

Return to the Apps section of the Settings menu. Locate and tap the app you wish to delete. Uninstall is the option to choose.

How do I uninstall a program without uninstaller?

Method 3 – Use Safe Mode to uninstall programs To launch the Run dialog, press Windows Key + R. To open the System Configuration utility, type msconfig and hit OK. Go to the Boot menu. Under Boot settings, enable the Safe Boot option. After that, click OK and then Apply. When the dialog box appears, choose Restart to restart your computer.

Can you return Steam game if you don’t like it?

You may get a refund on almost any Steam purchase for any reason. Perhaps your PC lacks the necessary hardware; perhaps you purchased a game by mistake; perhaps you tried the game for an hour and decided it wasn’t for you. It makes no difference.

Will Steam refund games?

If you seek a refund within two weeks of purchase and have played the game for less than two hours overall, you may get a refund. Your game will be deleted from your Steam library after it has been refunded, and you will get the entire value of your purchase returned.

Can you refund a Steam game after 2 weeks?

Valve will give a refund for any game that has been played for less than 2 hours and is requested within 14 days of purchase at Even if you don’t meet the criteria for a refund, you may file a request and we’ll look into it.

How do I Uninstall Steam apps on my computer?

Steam on a Windows PC may be uninstalled. By entering “Control Panel” into the Start menu and clicking on it, you can go to it. Uninstall a software may be found by searching for it and clicking on it. Locate Steam in the list and right-click it to uninstall it. In the new window that appears, choose Uninstall.

Does Steam keep your game data?

The Steam Cloud enables games and the platform to use Steam’s cloud storage. Steam Cloud may be used by games to store a variety of data, including game settings, save games, profile metrics, and other user-specific information.

Why uninstall option is not available?

The app is configured as administrator, which might be the first reason. You won’t be able to delete an app without first disabling its administrator access in the latter instance. Go to your Settings menu, choose “Security,” then open “Device Administrators” to deactivate an application’s administrator access.

Is deleting the same as uninstalling?

I’m not sure what the difference is between deleting and removing it. The delete option is used to eliminate documents, photos, and other items from your computer that are needed by applications. Uninstall is a command that is used to uninstall an application from a computer.

Is disable same as uninstall?

When you uninstall an app, it will be completely removed from your phone. When you disable an app, it disappears from the applications screen and stops functioning in the background. Apps that have been disabled will no longer get updates.

How do I permanently delete an app?

Delete any programs you’ve installed. Launch the Google Play Store application. Tap the Profile icon in the upper right corner. Select Manage apps & devices from the drop-down menu. Manage. Select the app you wish to remove by tapping its name. Select Uninstall from the menu.

Why can’t I uninstall an app on Windows 10?

To uninstall the program, start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. If you can’t remove a software in Windows 10, it’s possible that third-party processes are interfering with the removal process. The answer is to start your Windows 10 machine in Safe Mode and then uninstall the software there.

How do I uninstall games not in Control Panel?

Uninstalling a software that isn’t mentioned in the Control Panel In the Program Folder, look for the uninstallation file. Revo Uninstaller Pro 4.Settings for Windows 10 Using the Registry, uninstall the software. Reduce the length of the Registry Key Name. Check to determine whether the uninstaller file is included in the download.

How do I completely remove all traces of a program?

Manually remove any program remains from your computer. Locate the Control Panel option in your Start menu. Select Control Panel. Go to the Programs tab. Select Programs and Features from the drop-down menu. Locate the program that you want to remove. Select Uninstall. Obtain permission to continue and leave Control Panel.

Can you sell Steam games?

Currently, only the official owner or developer of a game may sell it on Steam. A game purchased through Valve, Steam’s parent business, or a third party cannot be sold.

Can you refund a Steam game with 3 hours?

Refunds are only available for games that have been played for less than 2 hours and have been purchased within the last 14 days. It must be less than 2 hours played as well as less than 14 days after purchase. A refund will not be given if the game is played for more than 3 hours.

How many refunds does Steam allow?

While there is no official figure for how many games you may return before getting the notice, it seems to happen after five refunds in six months. “You’ve sought a lot of refunds lately,” the customary warning notice reads.


To uninstall a game on PC, you will need to find the game in your library and right-click it. Then select “Delete”.

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