How To Uninstall Betterdiscord?

Similarly, Is better Discord illegal?

Although many people use the fantastic BetterDiscord addon, it violates the Discord TOS and even has been used to compromise security.

Also, it is asked, How do I uninstall BetterDiscord on Mac?

How to completely remove Discord from macOS To begin, launch Finder, choose Applications from the left pane, then right-click the Discord app and choose Move to Trash.

Secondly, How do I run Discord without BetterDiscord?

Open Discord and chooseUser Settings” by clicking the gear icon. Open the plugin folder by selecting “Plugins” from the BetterDiscord section of the left-hand menu. If you don’t want to destroy the existing files in this folder, transfer them to another folder instead.

Also, Is BetterDiscord a plugin?

A plugin loader and API are included into BetterDiscord. Through JavaScript, plugins may improve the app’s usability and user experience.

People also ask, Is BetterDiscord a Bitcoin miner?

WITH EVIDENCE You can tell that BetterDiscord is a bitcoin miner from the photographs.

Related Questions and Answers

Can BetterDiscord see deleted messages?

If you’ve previously installed the BetterDiscord app and the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, you may see deleted communications on Discord. If you wish to see deleted messages from before installation, however, it is not feasible.

Why is Discord not deleting from Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no method to get rid of Better Discord that doesn’t involve totally deleting the original application and relocating all of its files to the Trash. This is due to the updated version being installed straight to the app launch file rather than the folder when you install it. See the image below.

Where is the BetterDiscord plugin folder on Mac?

Download your favorite plugin from the BetterDiscord directory. 2. Transfer the downloaded file to BetterDiscord’s plugins directory at C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming. Going to Discord >User Settings>Plugins>Open Plugins Folder will also bring up the folder.

Does better Discord use more CPU?

Discord is a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), instant messaging, and digital distribution platform, thus it’s possible that this issue may arise. As a result, while Discord is in operation, more hardware resources are needed, including CPU power (CPU)

Is BeautifulDiscord against ToS?

Discord add-ons and plugins from third parties are against the ToS, and employing one puts you at risk of being banned. This contains plugins that inject unique themes, such as BeautifulDiscord.

Is Lightcord safe?

They can do whatever you could do yourself, including leaking information or deleting your account. With no additional layer of security provided by any other Discord client, Lightcord fills that gap. It provides a list of recommended plugins and themes and alerts users when a plugin poses a risk.

Are custom Discord clients allowed?

All client mods or third-party applications are against our Terms of Service, and using them may result in the suspension of your account. I advise against utilizing them.

What is Discord PTB?

A public test build for Discord testers is called Discord PTB. It receives features before a typical client does.

Why isn’t better Discord working?

The primary reasons why Better Discord isn’t functioning include server down, firewall issues, damaged files, bad internet connections, and server issues. Although many other minor problems are also to blame, these are notable.

How do I get Discord canary?

You may test out Discord Canary by downloading the most recent version of the desktop application or by using a web browser. Download the most recent version of Discord Canary for your operating system from the Discord website to get started. Linux, Windows, and Mac users may download and use the desktop application.

How do I install BetterDiscord plugins?

Plugin installation is quite similar to theme installation. Click “Open Plugins Folder” at the top of the page under “Plugins” under User Settings. Any plugin files you download from BetterDiscord’s plugin library (opens in new tab) may be copied or dragged into your Discord client, and it will instantly install them.

Can you recover deleted Discord account?

We really do mean it when we say that deleted accounts are lost forever and cannot be restored!

Can I delete Discord setup?

The following is a list of the necessary steps: In order to open the Run command box, press Win + R. Click OK after entering percent AppData%. Locate and remove the Discord folder there. Reopen the Run command window at this point. Click OK after entering “percent LocalAppData percent.” Find and remove the Discord folder.

Is desktop Goose safe?

Malware of the kind called Desktop Goose has to be eliminated from your system. There are multiple instances when this malware causes the afflicted user’s machine to crash. Because of its unpredictable nature, it exhibits the characteristics of a virus. This indicates that a malicious backdoor might potentially be opened by such an application.

Is GooseMod against ToS?

Does GooseMod violate the Discord TOS? Client modifications are against the ToS, it is true. It’s unlikely that you would be banned for using a client mod that alters the way Discord looks (without accessing the Discord API, for example).

Where is the BetterDiscord plugins folder?

Location of the BetterDiscord Plugin folder Start Discord. Visiting User Settings Select Plugins. Simply choose Open Plugins Folder.

How do I modify Discord?

You may choose a bright or dark backdrop for Discord by doing the following: Go to the user settings in the Discord program (the gear-shaped icon is located in the bottom-left corner of your desktop). Select Appearance under App Settings by scrolling down. Select between Light or Dark. Get BetterDiscord now.

How much RAM does Discord take?

Discord may utilize as little as 50MB of RAM in the background, but when it is actively used, this can increase to between 300 and 600MB. If you broadcast using Discord or engage in video or audio conversation, the amount may even increase.


“Betterdiscord” is a program that allows you to join multiple Discord servers. It can be downloaded from the “App Store.” To uninstall it, go to the “Settings” tab, and click on “Uninstall.”

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